Credit TV

Welcome to Credit TV - A special section on video interviews with industry practitioners and representatives of Eurofina’s Member Associations on a variety of consumer credit related issues.

Ian Bell, Head of the Prime Collateralised Securities Secretariat, shares his views on how the European Securitisation market is likely to evolve in the next years and on the European Commission's ‎proposal to revive a high-quality securitisation market.

Martin Schwmalzried, Senior Policy and Advocacy Officer at COFACE, the Confederation of Family Organisations in the European Union, shares his views on the Financial Services User Group (FSUG) proposal on “A Simple Financial Products Regime”.

François Langlois, Director of Institutional Relations at BNP Paribas Personal Finance and member of Eurofinas' Task Force on IMD2, shares his views on IMD2, i.e. the review of the current Insurance Mediation Directive by EU Institutions, and on the main key issues that still need to be dealt with.

Marcin Czugan, Head of the Legal Department at the Polish Consumer Credit Association KPF, speaks about the Consumer Finance Market Barometer by KPF, how and when it is conducted and concludes with a brief overview of the latest results available.
Edward Simpson, Head of Government Affairs at the Finance & Leasing Association (FLA), UK, speaks about recent events organised by the FLA on the future of consumer credit regulation in the UK on the occasion of the Labour and Conservative Party Conferences.
Umberto Filotto, Secretary General of ASSOFIN, the Italian Consumer Credit & Mortgage Association, shares his views on PPI (payment protection insurance) and the role of self-regulation based on his experience in Italy. ASSOFIN, the Italian Banking Association and 14 consumer organisations in Italy have signed a Protocol administering the various aspects of the contractual relationship between the company and the consumer, such as pre-contractual information, the extended right of withdrawal, etc. The Protocol has been welcomed with positive reactions from the consumers and the industry alike and is seen as a very good solution for everyone concerned.
Eric Spielrein, Secretary General of RCI Bank, a captive of Renault Nissan Alliance, shares his views on the biggest threats, challenges and opportunities for the motor finance industry going forward. Amongst others, he addresses the impacts of the liquidity coverage ratio (LCR), a new standard for supervisors to use in liquidity risk supervision transposed into the European regulatory framework by the Capital Requirements Directive (CRD IV) and accompanying Capital Requirements Regulation and what Leaseurope and Eurofinas are arguing for in this respect, notably the inclusion of auto ABS in the liquidity buffer and relief from the disproportionate impact of the LCR on specialised business models.
Joanna Van Bladel, Director of Consumer & SME Credit at Belfius, shares her views on the current market conditions for consumer lenders, the main challenges ahead, but foremost how lenders can help protect consumers from financial difficulties.
Christian Brandt, Director General of the Danish Association for Finance Companies, describes the positive credit system launched by the Association in Denmark. He explains that the uniqueness of this system is the fact it is consent based. This new tool is an answer to the principle of responsible lending built in the EC Consumer Credit Directive, which covers all aspects of the consumer credit lending transaction.
Mick McAteer, Chair of the Financial Services User Group (FSUG), explains the role of this advisory body to the European Commission
The FSUG is an advisory body to the European Commission providing policy officials with recommendations on legislation, which affects the users of financial services and gives insight on the practical implementation of financial services policies. The FSUG is composed of 20 members, who are appointed to represent the interests of consumers, retail investors or micro-enterprises.
Valentino Ghelli, Chairman of Eurofinas, explains the Federation’s new action plan for the next 2 years and his views on the key priorities for 2013 and onward.

In addition to its advocacy work, Eurofinas will seek to consolidate its many networks and meeting platforms in order to better connect the industry to policymakers and other major stakeholders.

High on the priority list will also be the promotion of Eurofinas membership and work on attracting new members, both full and associate members, to reinforce its role as the voice of the industry when it comes to consumer credit related issues.