National Research on the Consumer Credit Market

This webpage aims to showcase national research findings on consumer credit markets across Europe.

Eurofinas Member Associations in various European countries have shared summaries of their regular or ad-hoc research projects conducted on various topics, including:

- State of play and trends in the consumer credit market (e.g. market data, indices, and confidence surveys)

- Distribution channels of consumer credit

- Importance of consumer credit to the economy

- Indebtedness of households

- Etc

You can access these summaries by clicking on a country or the map below. References or links to public access for more information on the studies are also provided.

Eurofinas aims to update and further develop this webpage by adding more research summaries and countries as more information becomes available from its Member Associations.


A full list of Eurofinas Member Associations can be found on the membership section of our website.

For more information please contact Jurgita Bucyte.