Eurofinas offers (min.) 6-month (paid) internships on a regular basis. Feel free to send your spontaneous application for such an internship to

What ex-interns wrote:

'Eurofinas is a very dynamic Federation to do an internship with. I learnt a lot by working with a professional and international team. I was given ownership and responsibility on projects which were both interesting and challenging. This internship gave me the opportunity to have a first-class practical working experience in Brussels.  It established a solid base to further pursue a career in the European environment.'

Olivia FABRY (French national - MSc Politics and Government in the EU at LSE, UK), intern from 09/10 until 07/11

'My internship at Eurofinas allowed me to acquire a hands-on experience of how trade bodies work with the European institutions. Eurofinas’ very professional and dynamic environment as well as the high quality standards prevailing throughout the organisation helped me further develop my analytical and drafting skills and my ability to deliver detailed reports in a timely manner. As such it has proved extremely beneficial to me.'

Jean-Christophe NICAISE CHATEAU (French national – Master European litigation,  University of Lille, FR), intern from 10/11 until 04/12

'I consider myself particularly fortunate to have been given the opportunity to complete my studies by an internship with Eurofinas. I found Eurofinas to be the perfect place to obtain an in-depth knowledge of the functioning of a European trade association and the way it interacts with the European institutions. My experience with Eurofinas, in a pleasant but above all multicultural and highly professional working environment, has already proven to be a major plus in my search for career opportunities in Brussels.'

Aksana KRASATSENKA (Belarussian national – Master European Law and Politics, University Montesquieu-Bordeaux IV, FR), intern from 05/12 until 12/12

'Eurofinas offers interns the chance to be part of a professional and ambitious multinational team and to deepen ones understanding of legal and public affairs at European level. The internship gave me significant exposure to the European policy making process, in particular financial and banking legislative reforms. I was given real responsibly over a number of important policy files and was able to liaise with senior representatives from the consumer credit industry and the European institutions. I firmly believe that my work experience at Eurofinas stands me in good stead for a career in legal and public affairs and cannot recommend it highly enough.'

Craig LAMBERT (British national – LL.M. European Union Law, University of Bristol, UK), intern from 01/13 until 07/13

'My internship at Eurofinas did not feel like one at all and I am very thankful for that. I was given ample responsibility on interesting policy files and always felt that my input was appreciated and taken on board. Besides policy analysis and presentations to our members and other consumer credit industry professionals, drafting and advocacy work occupied the majority of my time. The office is young and dynamic and my colleagues were very eager to allow me to take advantage of all opportunities. I feel very fortunate to have started my professional path in Brussels at Eurofinas!'

Paul DIEGEL (German national – MSc Politics and Government in the EU, LSE, UK), intern from 10/13 until 10/14

'The internship at Eurofinas provided me with an excellent introduction to the practical elements of European affairs. Working at Eurofinas allowed me to apply my knowledge in real life scenarios whilst learning best practice from the young, international and dynamic team. I obtained fascinating insights into decision-making within the organisation, and was given the opportunity to learn about the business models and day-to-day operations in the retail banking world. Eurofinas has given me valuable work experience and a good opportunity to put my EU legal training into practice.'

Nadia HAZEVELD (Dutch national - LL.M. European Law, University of Edinburgh, UK), intern from 11/14 until 5/15

"My internship at Eurofinas was an amazing opportunity to work in a European environment. Working with such a professional, dynamic and international team was very rewarding and motivating. Furthermore, I got a very complete overview of the daily life of a trade association and I have been in charge of various and exciting files. I could not have asked for a better experience and i am deeply convinced that it will be very beneficial for me in the future."

Victoria FEL (French national - Master in EU Law, University of Toulouse, FR), intern from 05/17 to 07/17