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Eurofinas is the voice of the specialised consumer credit industry at European level. It currently represents 17 Member Associations, in turn bringing together around 489 firms employing more than 131 000 people across Europe. The types of consumer credit providers represented through Eurofinas members are described in the box to the left (Fig. 1).

Together, Eurofinas members represent approximately 45% of the European consumer credit market expressed in terms of outstanding loans for the countries covered by the Federation’s 2018 Annual Statistical Enquiry*. At individual country level, the market shares of individual Eurofinas member associations vary substantially depending, for instance on the extent to which consumer credit is provided by specialist players in the national market or the membership profile of the association (see Fig. 2, right axis). The left axis (Fig. 2) shows the amount of new lending (both in total and for consumer credit) granted in 2019 by each Eurofinas member.

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Total Eurofinas lending in 2019*

During the course of 2019, the firms represented through Eurofinas members granted new loans worth €469.2 billion and their portfolio of outstanding loans exceeded the trillion euro mark for the fourth year in a row, reaching €1.148 trillion at the end of the year.

Consumer credit lending is made up of consumer credit for personal consumption and the financing of motor vehicles for private use. Out of the total new lending in 2019, 71% was granted to consumers, with the remainder (29%) of new loans granted to finance cars for business use and commercial vehicles, as well as industrial credit and mortgages (Fig.3).

Eurofinas members granted €78 billion worth of new mortgage loans and €32 billion of industrial credit. Mortgage lending and industrial credit increased by 6.8% and 3.4% respectively in 2019 compared to 2018.

Total new consumer credit lending increased by 2.9% in 2019 compared to 2018, reaching €335 billion.
Eurofinas Facts & figures 2018

Eurofinas Facts & figures 2019

Eurofinas Facts & figures 2018


Eurofinas Facts & figures 2018

Fig. 4 shows the evolution of total Eurofinas lending in terms of both new credit and outstandings over the period 2012-2019. Total Eurofinas new lending increased by 4.6% in 2019 with total outstanding loans increasing by 3.4% compared to 2018.

Consumer credit lending for private consumption

The category consumer credit loans for private consumption, which includes direct personal loans, revolving credit and non-automotive credit granted at the point of sale, represented 51.6% of all new Eurofinas lending in 2019. New loans granted in this category amounted to €242 billion, which represents an increase of 3.1% in comparison to 2018. Outstanding loans in this category reached €356 billion at the end of 2019.

At €117 billion, revolving credit, including credit cards, made up almost half of total new consumer loans for personal consumption in 2019. Revolving credit remains the largest individual product category of all Eurofinas lending, with new lending for this category increasing by 2.2% in 2019. There was an even stronger increase of 4.6% in new personal loans, which reached €95 billion. Non-automotive point of sale credit (i.e. credit granted at the point of sale to finance consumer goods and services) grew by 2.0% with new loans worth €34 billion granted (Fig.6).

Vehicle finance

New loans worth €117 billion were granted to vehicle finance and made up a quarter of the Federation’s total new lending in 2019. Loans for consumer use made up the largest part of all vehicle lending (79.4% of vehicle finance).

Consumer car lending showed a divergence in growth between new and used cars in 2019, with a drop of -2.0% for the former but an increase of 4.9% for the latter as seen in Fig. 7. During 2019, Eurofinas members granted loans to consumers to finance some 2.1 million new cars and 3.4 million used cars.

Similarly, cars for business shrank by -5.6% for new cars but increased by 4.8% for used cars. Commercial vehicles were the best performer last year, enjoying the highest growth rate among all lending categories of 8.6%. The “other” category (motorcycles, caravans,…) also moderately increased, showing 3.3% growth.

Number of new contracts & average loan size

Eurofinas members also report statistics on the number of new credit contracts granted by their member companies. In 2019, the companies represented through Eurofinas provided 49.3 million new loans. Over 41 million of these were consumer credit for personal consumption. Table 2 shows the number of new contracts, average loan size for some product categories in 2019 and the percentage change compared to 2018.

(*) The figures provided are based on the results of the Eurofinas 2019 Annual Statistical Enquiry. The following Eurofinas members did not take part in this survey: Poland: Konferencja Przedsiebiorstw Finansowych w Polsce and Finland: Federation of Finnish Financial Services. The Netherlands and Norway are not included in the market share figures in 2019, as full market data was not available at the time the data collection was concluded. Growth rates are based on a homogenous sample of members reporting in the Eurofinas Annual Statistical Enquiries and are adjusted to exclude the impact of exchange rate fluctuations during 2019 unless otherwise stated.



Eurofinas Facts & figures 2018