How we work

Eurofinas is an international non-profit association registered in Belgium and operates a Brussels-based Secretariat headed by a Director General. We work closely together with members through various internal structures to ensure a strong, sustainable and well-functioning consumer credit industry.

Eurofinas meeting

Eurofinas is governed by a board of directors and a general assembly. The board of directors is assisted in its work by technical committees and task forces covering various industry sectors. Members of these bodies are typically national association representatives.

Board of directors

Secretary: Isak Bengtzboe, Chief Policy & Legal Adviser

The board of directors oversees the work of the federation and sets its strategic objectives. It is composed of representatives from Eurofinas' national member associations. The current board is composed as follows:

  • Martin Aalders - Chairman, VFN (NL)
  • Vahit Altun - Deputy Secretary General, Association of Financial Institutions (TR)
  • Christian Brandt - Managing Director, Finance and Leasing (DK)
  • Fernando Casero - President, ASNEF (ES)
  • Cesare Colombi - President, ASSOFIN (IT)
  • Marcin Czugan - President of the Management Board, ZPF (PL)
  • Umberto Filotto - Secretary General, ASSOFIN (IT)
  • Stephen Haddrill, Director General, FLA (UK)
  • Jana Hanusova - Chair, Czech Leasing and Finance Association (CZ)
  • Alex Hughes - Managing Director, FCA Automotive Services (UK)
  • Jaroslav Krutilek - Secretary General, CLFA (CZ)
  • Antti Laitila - Head of Unit, Federation of Finnish Financial Services (FI)
  • Jens Loa - Managing Director, Bankenfachverband (DE)
  • Gökmen Onbulak, CEO, Mercedes-Benz Kamyon Finansman A.Ş (TR)
  • Knut Overnes - Managing Director, FINFO (NO)
  • Duarte Gomes Pereira - President, ASFAC (PT)
  • Ignacio Pla - Secretary General, ASNEF (ES)
  • Stéphane Priami, CEO, CA Consumer Finance (FR)
  • Leonor Santos - Vice-President, ASFAC (PT)
  • Ivo Van Bulck - Secretary General, UPC/BVK (BE)
  • Bart Vervenne - Chairman, UPC/BVK (BE)
  • Lars Zacharoff - Secretary General, Finansbolagens Förening (SE)

The Chair of Eurofinas is B. Vervenne. Vice-Chairs of the Federation are U. Filotto, J. Loa and I. Pla.

General assembly

Secretary: Isak Bengtzboe, Chief Policy & Legal Adviser

All members of Eurofinas have a seat on the general assembly, to whom the board reports. This is the body that approves topics of importance to the functioning of the federation such as the annual budget, the composition of the board, etc.

Technical committees

Legal and Policy Committee

Secretary: Isak Bengtzboe, Chief Policy & Legal Adviser

Chair: Marie-Anne Bousquet-Suhit, ASF (FR)

The Legal and Policy Committee is responsible for, inter alia, analysing the various legislative proposals made by the European institutions and regulatory bodies. It develops arguments and positions on EU regulatory and legislative issues that may impact the consumer credit industry. In its work it may be supported by ad hoc Task Forces. Task Forces are issue-specific, created on an as needed basis and usually set up for a limited period of time in most cases.

Statistics Committee

Secretary: Tham Giang, Adviser, Statistics & Economic Affairs

Chair: Umberto Filotto, ASSOFIN (IT)

In order to further the understanding of the European consumer credit market and to support the activities of the Legal and Policy Committee, the Statistics Committee collects and analyses statistical data from the Federation's members. Statistical reports are published throughout the year including information on personal consumption finance, car finance and mortgages. Additionally, the Statistics Committee often performs ad-hoc research studies or data gathering exercises on specific topics of current interest.